Who we Are!

Viral Computes Inc. is a Financial Software Developing, System Analysis and Consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. Fully committed to providing solutions that better meet the needs of the Nigerian Company, Vino Softwares represents the independent affordable software solutions that incorporate all different sub – businesses into one viable software for superb monitoring and management.

Our organization is ready to create an environment where your business processes is better handled in a more effective and efficient manner. Vino Software Focuses keenly on implementing the latest tools in the IT Industry, Information System and Business Development. Your Company Increasing growth is well taken care of with prompt software upgrade, Maintenance and our robust database.

Our Software products which includes Vino Schoolmate, Vino Financials, Vino Payroll, Vino HRM, Vino Cooperatives, Vino Bursary, Vino SAP, Vino Bursary, Vino Registry and Vino Manager is spreading fast due to its efficiency and most especially its high security measures on every transaction. With a team of experienced professionals in accounting and computing fields, Viral Computers Inc set to render her products and high quality technology solutions to various sectors of the economy.