Integrated Faculties
We provide an integrated info facilities with accurate financial record keeping
Responsive Design
Designed with layouts user efficiency for a better banking experience.
Trusted Support
Reliable product support from a company that stands behind their products.

Fast Deployment time

Vino Banking is primed for use in the Micro-finance banking industry and can be deployed in a relatively short period of time. You can enable or disable the specific user functions and permissions, even control which parts of are seen by who and when.

Who we are!

Viral Computes Inc. is a Financial Software Developing, System Analysis and Consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. Fully committed to providing solutions that better meet the needs of the Nigerian Company, Vino Softwares represents the independent affordable software solutions that incorporate all different sub – businesses into one viable software for superb monitoring and management.

Our organization is ready to create an environment where your business processes is better handled in a more effective and efficient manner. Vino Softwares Focuses keenly on implementing the latest tools in the IT Industry, Information System and Business Development. Your Company Increasing growth is well taken care of with prompt software upgrade, Maintenance and our robust database.


With a growing and evolving financial industry in Nigeria, an equally growing,purpose driven technology, over the years has become the bed rock for faster, more convenient and cost-effective services. With a robust, multi-feature, efficient and yet the best Microfinance banking software in Nigeria, Viral Computers Inc are leaving no stones unturned in advancing its services, creating more solutions and expanding its ICT systems in every bid to meet the growing demands of our clients.

  About Vino Banking

Vino Banking competence and flexibility has made it a base for other banking Software in Nigeria. With the Vino banking background, other banking software which includes MacroFlex, Orange + and eTrak Micro-finance Banking System was created.
Some Features Include
  • Applications Software support and customization.
  • Customers Account Management.
  • General ledger and Financial Statements.
  • Fixed Asset Management.
  • Banking Module.
  • Risk / Loan and Lease Management.
  • Bank’s Expenses Module.
  • Logistics and Budgeting Module.
  • Staff Payroll & HRM.
  • Automatic SMS and MAIL Alerts Per Transaction.
  • Database Management (Backup and Recovery).

With a team of experienced professionals in accounting and computing fields, Viral Computers Inc set to render her products and high quality technology solutions to various sectors of the economy..